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#CleanUpBurnaby Community Clean Up Extravaganza 

at Lougheed Town Centre on Saturday July 2nd. Sign up by clicking the button below!

2022 #CleanUpBurnaby Campaign

In 2022, Martin is continuing the #CleanUpBurnaby Campaign with the goal of removing 1,000 pounds of garbage and 800 disposable PPE masks from the streets and parks of Burnaby by October 15th, 2022. On June 8th, Martin picked up his 1,000th pound of garbage, but will soldier on to make Burnaby a cleaner and better place!

Pounds of garbage



Disposable PPE masks



2022 #CleanUpBurnaby
Community Clean Up Extravaganzas!

In 2022, the #CleanUpBurnaby Campaign is looking to go big with a series of Community Clean Up Extravaganza events! The scheduled dates are:

- Saturday April 16 - Metrotown area - over 400 pounds of garbage picked up!
- Saturday May 14 - Brentwood area - another 400 pounds of garbage picked up!
- Saturday June 11 - Burnaby Heights/Hastings area - 250 pounds of garbage picked up in preparation for Hats Off Day
- Saturday July 2 - Lougheed Town Centre area
- Saturday August 13 - Royal Oak/Edmonds/Highgate area 

To participate, click on the button below and register to attend.

Let's work together for a Cleaner and Better Burnaby!

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